Adventure Time Card Wars iOS App

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Adventure Time Card Wars

Many kids love Adventure Time. Even adults love them. There seems to be something about a post-apocalyptic world the show is set that gets people to watch.  It may also be how Finn and Jake go through their adventures with some crazy characters that make the show quite appealing. It only takes some time before anything popular eventually becomes a game. This Adventure Time Card Wars iOS App is taking that same route.

The Adventure Time Card Wars iOS App was inspired by one of the more popular episodes of the animated series. Players get to play the game by summoning creatures and characters from the cartoon series and cast spells to battle on towards victory. The app features an interface where characters are playing a card game over a table. There are customs cards that feature awesome warriors that come with a variety of special powers and spells that do levels of damage to opponents. Players get to pit these cards against an opponent’s deck and go to battle to see who is more powerful.

The Adventure Time Card Wars iOS App also allows players to level up the creatures, spells and towers to build up an army of powerful characters that can do battle with any opposing forces. Players can also collect new cards along the way to add into their current deck. The Adventure Time Card Wars iOS App is ideal for kids from 9 years old and above, with adults even getting the chance to have fun playing the game. This iOS game app is available at the iTunes App Store for a $4 download.

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