Snipboard iOS App

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Snipboard App

Sometimes, the most useful apps are those simple ones that help you do tasks faster. Take for example typing on your iPhone or iPad. Despite the convenience and mobility that smartphones bring, typing on them may not always be the best of experiences. If you can afford to make shortcuts, you may have already done so. If you have the same problem over and over again, getting the Snipboard iOS app may be able to help.

The Snipboard iOS App is a simple tool that can come with great convenience. People type in the same things over and over again on their device most of the time. Why not make a short cut out of them to make it more convenient? That is what the Snipboard app essentially does. It creates a shortcut out of your often typed words. The app makes a snippet and creates a button out of them. Once you open the app, you are given a keyboard composed of different snippets you usually use. It can be name, address, phone number or message. You can always personalize your snipped according to how often you use them. It will make typing on your iPhone easier and more convenient. It is that simple but oh so useful to use. The Snipboard iOS App is available for free download at the Apple App Store.

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