Rebelsauce iOS App

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Rebelsauce iOS App

With portable devices like smartphones and tablets becoming the gadgets of choice for many people today, it seems fitting that developers create apps to make them even more functional. And as the market for apps become bigger and bigger, the choices for what people want to download becomes more of a challenge. Aside from the choice between paid and free apps, there is always this issue with convenience that people also consider. This is especially true with many photo editing apps now available. For many iOS device users, editing photos should be convenient and easy. Apps like the new Rebelsauce for iOS devices aim to offer these features and more.

The Rebelsauce iOS app is a convenient photo editing tool for people who do not have that much time to edit photos they wish to share with others. This app makes it easy for people to touch up photos taken using their iPhone cameras using 80 artisan crafted film presets. Tools like film grade and fade as well as expired film emulation give this app the means to help you create photos with a classic touch. Editing features such as adjustments for brightness, contrast, saturation, crop and white balance are also available to fine tune your photos further. The Rebelsauce iOS app is a convenient photo editing tool for iPhone and iPad users who value time and need less effort to make their camera photos look pristine. The app is available at iTunes for a $1 download.

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