Threema Messaging App For Windows Phone

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Online messaging has become a common way of communication among many people today. With online services becoming more mobile, some people increasingly prefer online messaging through their portable devices than making calls. But an increasing concern for many people using such services revolves around security and privacy. But there are now better messenger apps available that provide more secure mobile messaging. For Windows Phone owners, the Threema Messaging app may be one option.

The Threema Messaging app allows users to send and receive messages securely and privately, thanks to end-to-end encryption that protects messages and files from being read by unauthorized elements. You can use Threema anonymously. No one needs to know your personal information such as phone numbers and addresses. Messages sent using Threema go through servers that immediately delete files and messages once delivered. Even the server operators will have no way of reading the messages you sent. As a mobile messenger, people can use Threema to send text messages, send videos and pictures and even sending voice messages.

With the Threema messaging platform, users can ensure that their mobile communication remains safe. Even messages stored locally on their phones are encrypted for added protection. It is a useful app for people who value privacy and security especially in the area of mobile communications. The Threema app is available for Windows Phone users at their online marketplace for a $2 download.

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