Crossroad Android App

Written by Ardent Editor on July 17, 2015 – 3:10 pm -


People love taking pictures with their smartphones. Aside from being easy and convenient, it allows them to share what photos or videos they took and share them online to friends and family. But even this task may take some time and effort. It helps if people may have a way of sharing photos or videos to others automatically. This is now possible using the Crossroad Android App.

The Crossroad Android App is a handy app that will allow users to set up shared folders or Crossbooks from their smartphones. Photos placed on this shared folder are then automatically synced up to other people’s smartphones who are connected to it, who can then access the pictures as they arrive. Users can also choose whom to share the folders with.

With this app, users no longer have to take too much time sharing photos of their trips or of important events after it happens. With the Crossroad Android App, people can even continue to update friends and family with photos as they happen. It is just a matter of choosing which photos to share into the folder and then everything else is done automatically. The Crossroad Android App is an ideal way to share those precious memories in the form of photos to others without exerting much effort in trying to upload them. This app is available for free download at Google Play.


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