How To Solve Math Problems With the Mathpix App

Written by Ardent Editor on May 22, 2016 – 2:17 am -

iOS appWith the apps available today, you can say that mobile devices now seem to have more useful features than desktop computers. Developers have been able to create different apps to perform a variety of functions that computers or even laptops are not capable of doing. One example is solving math equations on paper. The Mathpix app for iOS can certainly do that for you.

The Mathpix for iOS is a useful app for those who have to deal with solving difficult equations daily. If you are a student, then you can use this app to help you understand and solve complex math equations by simply taking a picture of it. The app is able to recognize your handwritten math equations and then help you solve them. Simply open the app and then point your phone camera into any selected math equation. The app highlights the equation chosen and then sends it to a server to provide you with solutions and even graph.

The Mathpix app can be considered as the first one to make use of such technologies to help solve math problems. You will be able to learn and understand how complex math equations can be solved rather than toiling away at finding the solution, making math less strenuous to learn and tackle. The Mathpix app is available for iOS devices and can be downloaded for free.

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